Memory Box Stories app - Available to download in the Apple App Store now

apps by artists - new artworks by artists

LA Stories - British Council Cultural Exchange 

     My Newcastle - digital inclusion project

TANDEM - taking Memory Box Stories to Europe

 Trace - young people's digital engagement project

    Culture Window 13 Family Explorers - infographics from evaluation report

Flo-culture provides digital, research and planning services for cultural organisations, schools and businesses that improve engagement, learning, advocacy and sales.

Flo-lab works with partners to explore how digital technologies can be used to improve cultural connectedness and increase access to learning world-wide. 

Memory Box Stories is a Flo-culture app that combines photographs and audio to create and share stories.  Watch the video. Go to the website.

A little something we've been working on. Visit the Memory Box Stories website and download the app. Photos capture the moment, audio brings the memory to life. View stories and create your own.

Flo-culture would like to invite you to take part in a free Found Sound Toolkit Training workshop which will take place on Tuesday 1st July between 4-6pm. 

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